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Securing Governmental Entities

Government Security Systems

Government Security Systems

Local, County, State and Federal governmental entities respresent the very heart of our communities. With increasingly hostile threats, effective security measuring are increasingly important to protect facilities and prevent interruption to government operations and all levels. Whether the local courthouse or state law enforcement, all government entities are subject to random criminal acts and must take appropriate security precautions to deter and mitigate dangerous situations and maintain the public trust.

Because of our extensive experience with enterprise level network based systems for a variety the government entities Knight Security brings current technology and a broad perspective to insure the right solution for any situation. Video Surveillance, Access Control and Intrusion Dectection systems all have an important role to play in the overall security of a facility. Effective security strategy considers how each of these technologies is employed at a given location. With custom design services, a wide variety of available technologies and turn key installation services all available via government procurement contracts, Knight Security is a trusted partner for all levels of government entities throughout Texas.


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Why Knight Security?

  • Custom engineered and designed systems to meet your business objectives
  • Professional, Personalized Support and 24 hour emergency installations and repairs
  • Exclusive customer satisfaction guarantee
  • Offices in Austin, Dallas, and Houston
  • Experience: Texas Based Company since 1983
  • Statewide coverage
  • Comprehensive services
  • Full integration capabilities
  • Entry level to advanced IP Networked protection systems
  • In house financing available
  • Fire Marshall Code Compliant Designs

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